Glastonbury Festival 2008: Either very clever or very stupid

So, this is the first year since 1999 that I’m not going to Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. Why? Well, I fancied a change, something a bit different, something European maybe, and something away from the hoards. Well it may just be the case for the latter at least that Glastonbury 2008 would be a […]

Who the f*cking hell are you!

As the football chant would have it. Given Derby County’s recent performance it’d be quite a justified remark, and not one that can be countered with the usual “We are Derby, super Derby”, but I digress… This post is in fact about facebook. Not sure if anyone has noticed recently but there’s a new “so […]

British Youth In Crisis

This institutionalized inequality doesn’t only harm low achievers. The system emphasizes academic attainment over social development. British children start school earlier and sit more exams than other Europeans. Many of them complain of stress. “Britain is a very individualistic culture, in which a huge emphasis is placed on personal success and less on good fellowship,” […]

Are Derby County still a football club?

An article by Barney Ronay from The Guardian Sports blog. It seems brilliantly apt that the faceless US financial organisation that bought Derby County this week is called General Sports and Entertainment. This is, after all, a perfectly hedged description of Derby’s season so far. It’s as though some consumer standards commissar at the EU […]

Facebook Spam

It seems that now even facebook apps are auto-spamming friends’ walls. Just a bit further down the slippery slope… Notice how all the surnames begin with ‘A’. Just doesn’t sound like Claire at all…