Student Radio Awards 2006

Well, to not put too fine a point on it, I won. It wasn’t expected and I’m both flattered and surprised. Above all I see as a record of my achievement not so much the award itself [although I am of course well chuffed about that] but those who I was in competition with for it. Anyone who read my post on the nominations and heard what I was up against will realise that the competition was stiff and to have beaten it is a reward in itself.

As I mentioned in my acceptance speech I would like to thank station managers past and present – Minnie Stephenson and Philippa Morgan – for giving me the opportunity to be on the radio, Harry Garne for being on my show and being in almost half of my audio entry, and above all Dan Waters for being my loyal producer and co-host. I’d also like to apologise to Dan for calling him the ‘resident ginger’, it appears Jon Holmes isn’t the only one who should keep his jokes to the radio.

I’ve uploaded all my photos from the night to the uni section and the videos are on their way to the videos section – makes sense really. You can also hear the student radio awards [and me admittedly] get a mention on Jo Whiley’s entertainment news by downloading this file. A few interesting things to hear out for on the video clips: myself being described as very Ricky Gervais which is as big as shock to me as to those who know me well, and when Chris Moyles starts to take a little too long on stage and says…

“Oh yes this is it. You know, being all serious now when you flick through the radio guide and it doesn’t matter where you live and you listen to all the good female DJs on Radio: Jo Whiley, being probably the best female DJ in the country in my opinion [applause]. You’ve got Edith Bowman of course now with her own show, [pause] so that’s how important this award is tonight. You know, there really is a shortage of decent females – there’s loads of shit ones, but there’s a shortage of decent female broadcasters [disconcerted cries from crowd turning into boos]. Oh hang on, hang on, I did, I did hear ‘fuck off Moyles’ was one [cheers], I did hear ‘show us your tits’, funny I didn’t hear anybody mention six hundred and fucking fifty grand a year so fuck off. [boos] Oh boo my arse!”

I’ll let you all make your own minds up on that one. Finally a big thanks to Jonny and Dominic from Leeds Uni Radio Station for keeping us Fuse boys and girls company.

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