Student Radio Award Winner Bags 6 Music Slot

The following article was taken from The Independent

A politics student at Nottingham University is to leap into professional broadcasting, taking over the BBC 6 Music Chart Show.

Philippa TJ – short for Treverton-Jones – age 21, will become the first BBC 6 Music presenter to join the network directly from student radio. She takes over the show this Sunday, replacing Andrew Collins.

Ms Treverton-Jones, the head of music at University Radio Nottingham, was approached by the station less than three weeks ago after winning the Gold Award for Best Specialist DJ at last year’s Student Radio Awards. She compared being offered the show to the Spice Girls reforming: “Completely unbelievable but bloody exciting.”

She said that Rick Blaxill, the programme controller for 6 Music, called her to ask if she would like to come down to London to do a demo tape for the new show.

“Last Friday, he offered me the new job,” Ms Treverton-Jones said, adding: “I graduate in a couple of months, so only a couple more essays and exams to be done.

“I was expecting to get absolutely nowhere [trying to get into professional radio] and had lined up a holiday rep job over the summer.”

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