Glastonbury 2007

The ticketman: Will Butler

Congratulations to everyone that got Glastonbury tickets, commiserations to those who did not. To those of you that engaged in a rather frantic MSN conversation with me then you need to know that Will Butler was in fact the star of the show and was processing all your details at Glasto-Ticket-Wales-recycling-plant HQ. Its official you all owe him and his support team [those that took over when he needed a wee] a pint.

Erm, to get you excited there’s all my previous glasto albums linked below and a few youtube videos as well. Enjoy.

Glastonbury 2000
Glastonbury 2002
Glastonbury 2003
Glastonbury 2004
Glastonbury 2005

Now once you finished panicking about when that confirmation email is going to come through, you can start worrying about where to camp.

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