The revolution will not be televised…

… it’ll be on the internet instead.

For any students interested in the media I suggest you take your sweet behinds down to The Political Quarterly section of the Blackwell Synergy website and download Vol. 76 Issue S1 using your Athens user names.

Be sure to check out the introduction by Jean Seaton and articles by Georgina Born and Don Redding, but the whole set of articles is a must-have insight into the current state of the media in the UK.

It gives information on the state of new media and the digital revolution. In turn what effect this will have on democracy and the impact on public service broadcasters like the BBC. There are lots if buzzwords floating about too like ‘User-Generated-Content’ and ‘convergence’. Is the UK suffering from am epidemic of hypercommercialism? What role has declining circulation of the press had to do with it and are we likely to see more in the new multi-channel age.

All top banana.

Also if you have any ideas on democracy, public service broadcasting and the BBC my dissertation could do with them. Much obliged.

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