British Youth In Crisis

This institutionalized inequality doesn’t only harm low achievers. The system emphasizes academic attainment over social development. British children start school earlier and sit more exams than other Europeans. Many of them complain of stress. “Britain is a very individualistic culture, in which a huge emphasis is placed on personal success and less on good fellowship,” […]

Chafagé a la nipple

You know, it really pisses me off when over the road can’t even set their house alarm properly; the number of times its gone off! Anyway, that’s by the by. This is a quick note to say thank you to the young lady that came up to me in Tramp last night and called me […]


Fraternity. It is not a word I think most people would use every day, or even know what it meant. A quick search yield the following: fra·ter·ni·ty play_w(“F0301600”) (fr-tûrn-t)n. pl. fra·ter·ni·ties 1. A body of people associated for a common purpose or interest, such as a guild. 2. A group of people joined by […]

The revolution will not be televised…

… it’ll be on the internet instead. For any students interested in the media I suggest you take your sweet behinds down to The Political Quarterly section of the Blackwell Synergy website and download Vol. 76 Issue S1 using your Athens user names. Be sure to check out the introduction by Jean Seaton and articles […]

Product is the Excrement of Action

Thanks to Mark Lloyd who brought this very apt quote, considering the nearing date of our graduations, to my attention. It is an extract from an article by Jeanette Winterson which can be found at Modern society is centered around the production, distribution and consumption of material goods rather than the happiness and satisfaction […]