Szeged, Hungary

thank you dan, using the joys of html i shall now show the magnificent map dan has sone for us You can see a larger version of the image by clicking on the small version above We are now in fact in Szeged the latest point on the map. Dan, there have already been jeers […]

Budapest, Hungary

Dear all Yesterday was Vienna. It rained. We ate our lunch on the floor in the subway station like hobos. My German was awful. The cathedral was nice. We had no money. There we go thats Austria sorted…. Erm got back to Bratislava around 7:30 grabbed our stuff bought some roll mats from Tescos and […]

Bratislava, Slovakia: Day 2

Dear all, You are most privileged to have todays blog from my diary….. Well I set my alarm for 9am this morning but I think that was wishful thinking. Eventually rose half an hour later and enjoyed[!] a very quick cold shower. We both got ready and went downstairs to wait for the internet. Tesco […]

Bratislava, Slovakia

Boys and girls, boys who love girls, girls who love boys and possibly even boys who love boys and girls who love girls; but thats all a bit silly if you ask me [Damon], I’m in Bratislava, Claudio has gone to bed. We’ve enjoyed a nice meal this evening with a few beers. Tres tres […]

Prague, Czech Republic: Day 2

First proper day in Prague and what did it have in store? Well… lots of walking for a start. Enjoyed my free breakfast this morning after having a shower I could probably slash faster than, a couple of cups of coffee and we were away. Caught the 207 into the main square and have pretty […]

Prague, Czech Republic

Dear all, Okay, I’m here in Prague its dark but its all good. Flight got in after 21:15, only a two hour journey from gatwick but we;re one hour ahead over hear. Twas fun and games getting to the hostel. First off had to get the bus to the metro terminal, smallest note i had […]