Bratislava, Slovakia

Boys and girls, boys who love girls, girls who love boys and possibly even boys who love boys and girls who love girls; but thats all a bit silly if you ask me [Damon],

I’m in Bratislava, Claudio has gone to bed. We’ve enjoyed a nice meal this evening with a few beers. Tres tres cheap, but the food could have been from the tesco down the road for all I know. CNN is on in the background, the yankee style new reporting is getting on my nerves already. God bless the BBC.


Anyway, what have I been up to. Well yesterday was a bit lethargic, what with going on a pub crawl the evening before and all. But in true Andy Jackson style I didn’t even make it to the club [give me credit in the land where the liscence laws are lax, going to a club is around 2:30 am]. Gradually made it up to the castle in Prague yesterday, after much effort and stopping half way for various snacks and naps.

Chap next to me seems to be flicking thru the x rated channels on the local slovak satelite…. most distracting. oooh theres the euro news, in french – jeez.

Today didn’t involve much either to be honest. Weather was as equally pants but today instead of starting to rain it made me put my sweatshirt on for fear of a chilly wind. shocking! The bus on the way to Bratislava was ok but the guy driving it had the worst BO in the world. I mean it was hideous [©Mardinoli], truly truly awful. whats more, we were front row and so had to sit behind it for 6 hours, i had to have the aircon blasting in my face to breathe without grimacing. Gross.

Bratislava is very different to Prague. The latter seems to be the slightly upper middle class cousin; the member of the family who has made it and doesn’t mind showing the fact. Nice house, nice grounds, nice car, nice family just generally nice. Whereas the former still shows its working class roots, graffiti all over the place, crumbling masonry, evidence of its soviet past, god awful 50s and 60s concrete architecture, poorer people and just generally a slightly grubbier, yet grittier past. And for that I like it more than Prague already. I seem to get the impression that Prague is the most touristy stop on our list so far. For most of the people there Praha was the first south east they were going, the rest of their trip consisted of stops in Germany Austria, Spain, France and the rest of central and Western Europe. For me and the whital, Prague was the most north western of our stops, from now on its a clockwise trip down and right. Accommodation may get more solitary and more expensive but i think the places we visit will be more realistic, more representative of eastern europe as a whole, not an ex-soviet block wanna be.

German news is on now, can just pick out words like “scotland yard” and pictures of red buses and the tower bridge.

Ah well. Stuff to come, look round bratislava tommorrow, an early start possibly. Day trip to Vienna day after and then onto Hungary for the likes of Budapest, Pecs [pronounced Piiiiitch], and another one i forget.

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All the best.


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