Prague, Czech Republic

Dear all,

Okay, I’m here in Prague its dark but its all good. Flight got in after 21:15, only a two hour journey from gatwick but we;re one hour ahead over hear. Twas fun and games getting to the hostel. First off had to get the bus to the metro terminal, smallest note i had was 2000 cost of bus journey – 25 – doh. Either way managed to get to the metro ok and off at what we thought was the right stop, By which time its around 11pm and we don’t know where we are and its pretty dead and dark. No worries.

We fannied about a bit not sure in which direction to walk but then got directions from a rather attractive receptionist at a near by hostel. As it happened we had to walk along what we’d probably consider an overpass – fun fun. We made a few dodgy directional mistakes, more of the fact that the rest of prague is misplaced rather than me and Claudio. Started to walk a long a rather dark dodgy looking road which to our delight proved fruitful with Hostel Elf. Checked in at 11:30pm dumped our stuff, I made my bed – claudio didn’t – ooooh rebel. And have pretty much sat aound with 4 beers between us 1.76 pounds [bargain] writing our diaries and chilling out since. Pretty knackered last night after some poker debauchery and should probably retire.

Until the next ‘blog’.


PS Claudio is a cock

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