The view from Claudio and Vish’s flat

I mean what were our parents doing 9 months ago? Was the summer of 1984 particularly boring for all us lot to be born. Or is it just the season for baby making….

No really, Vish is that short.

So the first birthday of many was in fact Vish’s closely followed by Kev’s. And what better excuse for a good old knees up in Manchester than celebrating their birthday’s eh? Well, actually, celebrating mine as well 🙂

Despite turning the grand old age of 69 (whey) between us we still found great enjoyment in a bit of bowling, but not quite lawn bowls. Not just yet. First game was girls vs boys, which wasn’t quite the stereotypical result you might have expected, and for the second game we picked teams like you used to in school. I got picked last; some things in 23 years just don’t change.

Some slices of half price domino’s pizza later and we were well into the drinking games and enjoying an amazingly warm night atop the 12 stories of Castleford. Then off to Mint Lounge for some swanky boogie action.

Thanks to all who attended, it was great to see some old faces again, – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vish and Kev!

|Video – Happy Birthday Vish|

“It isn’t a surprise. He just doesn’t know about it.”

Evidently fresh out of fat ladies the weekend wasn’t quite over just yet. Just enough time to get myself back to Derby for an asian buffet at Buddha Bar for Mr. Matthew Pearson’s celebrations.

Quite worryingly this was the third successive birthday we’d all managed to to be in the same spot at once, it could be because we’re getting older, more mature and sophisticated, or it could be because a woman organised us.

|Video – Happy Birthday Matthew|

Tim LOVES Dirty House

Weekend II, birthday IV, started off with treating Dan and Lizzie to a night daan taan with the Derby folk. Oddly enough it felt quite bizarre having to make executive decisions about where to go next and the like, normally I just follow the crowd. And whilst I tend to slag off Derby a little from time to time (in a socially constructive manner of course) I think I showcased a good range of quality drinking (and dancing) establishments.

|Lizzie’s Facebook Photos|

By Joanna Jackson, decorations available at competitive rates.

The hoards arrived on Sunday from their respective corners of the country and we all went for Sunday lunch at The Coopers, which was nice. We had planned initially to have an evening packed fun full of board games and such like, but found, much to my delight people were more than happy making their own entertainment just catching up, chatting and getting to know each other. [Big glowy smiley happy feeling 🙂 ]

|Video – Its the crazy ‘Family-Fortunes-Catchphrase-Guess-Who’ game!|

Captain Jack ‘Speirs’ Spiegler

Day three of my birthday celebrations (yes I’m a greedy bastard for having a whole bank holiday weekend) meant paintball! Now, there were some apprehensive members of the party, namely the ladies. They’d heard one or two nightmare stories about being shot and bruising and it really hurting and stuff like that…

Well, most of that turned out to be true as my killer inside-thigh shot on Angela proved to be. Nevertheless I did notice the women on my team turn from slightly anxious ‘not-quite-sure’ paintballing virgins into ‘go-get-em’ pop pop pop ruthlessly trained killing machines. Or something like that at any rate.

Teams were roughly Derby vs Uni with myself and Stu on the uni side, whilst Jack ‘Kamikaze’ Spiegler, who technically should have been on an Ashby side all of his own, joined the Derby side. I’m not going to highlight the fact that my side won, because that would not reflect a man of my age and maturity.

WE WON WE WON WE WON Nerr ner ner nnerrr nerrr WE WON WE WON WE WON. Ahem

Thank you to everyone that made the effort to come down and see me for my birthday. I appreciate paintballing isn’t the cheapest of activities but I really appreciated having such a large group of friends turn up, it was thoroughly enjoyable day. I hope you enjoyed it too!

|Video – Paintball Headshot|

Jo is also a member of the Spring Chicken Crew

And finally there is just enough time to say Happy Birthday to Jo to whose birthday I turned up at in a mixture of sandals, shorts and eight cans of Kronenburg… oh dear.

Thank you Stu for playing host that afternoon and inviting us all to your house for a BBQ. The oven glove look suits you.

|Photos – Stu’s BBQ|
|Photos – Jo’s Birthday|

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