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Now what I thought was going to be a nice and easy “find a photo and see” post has in fact opened up a rather larger and in my point of view unnecessary can of worms.

Since I saw The Young Knives at Bier Keller last year in Manchester I’ve always thought that the bassist, House Of Lords, looked a bit like one of those fat kids of the Vauxhall Zafira Advert. Well you can see for yourselves by watching the advert below…

However, after searching for all of that I realised that, for some reason, there was a big internet hoo-haa about what the kids said at the end of the advert. Its on numerous Yahoo/Google Answer forums amongst others. It even made an Auto-Trader editorial! Apparently the big toss up was between whether they said “overtired” or “oh, they’re tired”. But surely anyone can hear that its “overtired”! I blame all those southerners shocked that someone without a BBC accent was allowed to be on TV outside of Family Fortunes.

Anyway… aside from that, during my hunt for The Young Knives paraphernalia I found the original Weekends and Bleak Days video that the Ashby-de-la-Zouch trio released back in the day.

Which then made me thing, how much does the lead singer look like Neil, Chestnut Court’s old duty warden tutor corrosion MA person? Any photos of Neil would be greatly received.


Got one!

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