Rilo Kiley vs Los Campesinos!

Okay… Just listening to the Sticking Fingers Into Sockets EP and heard that Los Campesinos! – Frontwards sounds very similar to Rilo Kiley’s Portions For Foxes. Can anyone shed some musical nerdery onto this or is it just coincidence? Listen to Portions For Foxes and Frontwards and let me know what you think. Ah… a […]

Great advert. Shit paper.

I’ve been told that this advert has been on the tele for ages! Just shows you how much I watch ITV really… Anyway, after a little aside on the Spooks trailer I thought I’d highlight this as well. A nice bit of stereotyping [what more would you expect from the Mail] combined with a Gladiator-esque […]

Spooks: Series 6

Arrrrrrrrrghhh! Yes that’s right, this Tuesday at 9pm will see the return of BBC MI5 drama Spooks. I am very excited. The last series was absolutely fantastic, every episode and every subject matter was so spot on with today’s current political climate. It was almost as if the episode had been recorded the previous week […]

The Pink Princess

I saw this black Vauxhall Astra in Sainsbury’s yesterday. It even had pink windscreen wipers and pink stained galvanized steel floor mats.


Yes, I know, this is a complete self promoting ego boosting post. But you’re all more than welcome to pop my bubble after 7am on Friday. Derby Evening Telegraph StoryDJ’s Hit List which also happens to be here.BBC ManchesterBBC DerbyManchester Metro NewsManchester Evening News

The revolution will not be televised…

… it’ll be on the internet instead. For any students interested in the media I suggest you take your sweet behinds down to The Political Quarterly section of the Blackwell Synergy website and download Vol. 76 Issue S1 using your Athens user names. Be sure to check out the introduction by Jean Seaton and articles […]