Spooks: Series 6

Arrrrrrrrrghhh! Yes that’s right, this Tuesday at 9pm will see the return of BBC MI5 drama Spooks. I am very excited.

The last series was absolutely fantastic, every episode and every subject matter was so spot on with today’s current political climate. It was almost as if the episode had been recorded the previous week rather than the previous year.

Below is the trailer for the latest series, which when I saw it on BBC2 last night, I thought “Hmmm I wonder what the music is for that”. As it so happens I didn’t google to find out but instead forgot about it until just now when I was playing the new UNKLE album War Stories, and realised its a track off that album called ‘Chemistry’. However I do feel somewhat deflated since the comments discussion on the youtube page said that anyway. Well… I found out on my own, honest.

Either way, you may or may not be able to find the track following this link at the Hype Machine which will no doubt reveal a hundred different blogs saying what I’ve just said but several weeks earlier. Ah well.

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