Oh air con. How I have MISSED YOU. But strangely at the same time abhore you. On Sunday night we paid the extra 30 pesos to upgrade to air conditioned top class dorms. I thought I’d let it slip this time, before Stu and Tim started accusing me of sweat box sadism, but I’m glad I did! The only slight difference is that your freezing cold shower in the morning isn’t quite as pleasant. In fact, its quite unpleasant.

Tulum is a bit of a one street town famed mainly for its white sand beaches and idyllic ruins on the sea front. Unfortunately all of the good stuff is located about 4km out of town. Not to fear for The Weary Traveler put on a free bus to take you to the beach and that it what we did.

The 9am bus dropped us off just at the edge of the strip of sea front cabanas (little wooden huts) that line the coast and are an alternative place to stay. On the advice of a backpacker back at the hostel we continued to walk north up the coast away from the loud beach bars until we found a stretch brilliant white sand dotted with the occasional palm tree (for shade for Tim 😉 ).

We’ve been asked by a few people on our travels why we haven’t stopped at Playa del Carmen on our way down. I think the beaches of Tulum speak for themselves; it was (almost) like we were the only people there. Stu and I had a splash in the gorgeous sky blue waters and Tim chilled on the sand – making much use of the sarong he has ridiculed me for I may add.

By 12pm though we’d burnt enough. It is slowly being drilled into us that being out in the sun between 12 and 3pm is not a good idea. So we headed back to where the bus had dropped us off and it picked us up and took us back to Tulum.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I had some internet time, which is code for alone time/beers for Stu and Tim time. And then we drank some more beers. And went back to the hostel and played cards with some more beers. And a few more beers. In fact beer was pretty much the order of the night. Until we decided to go for steak that is.

Mine and Stu's shared grill.

I think between us we must have eaten at least one whole cow. Or at least that’s how we felt after the steak house. It was an Argentinian place on Tulum’s main strip; Tim had a New York style steak which in parts must have been a least an inch and a half thick; Stu and I shared a mixed grill of sorts for two which included top sirloin, some sort of rib meat, and, because I know our mothers will be worried, a token grilled carrot and courgette. Stu then proceeded to out class both Tim and I by ordering a glass of red wine whilst we continued to guzzle our Sol and lime.

The following day we checked out and headed off to Tulum ruins – the main reason why most tourists visit the town. In fact they don’t even visit the town since the ruins have a bus station all of their own. It has the be said that the location of the ruins is fantastic and it made for some wonderful photos. But as Tim quite rightly pointed out the whole place almost felt like a themed adventure park. This was only added to when we saw the scenes reminiscent of a Centre Parks wave machine pool in the bay below the ruins.

Despite all that it was good to see and another ‘must’ ticked off of our list. We grabbed a cab quickly back to town after watching some extreme maypole dancing and then embarked upon our to Belize. First up our bus to Chetumal, about a 3 and a half hour ride south in the familiar trusty ADO buses. When we arrived in Chetumal it wasn’t to difficult to find out whether we could travel on to Belize, which we could, so we did.

But for more on Belize tune in, err, tomorrow?


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