Tidying Up

Okay well things are getting there. The main drag at the moment is sorting out the gallery’s. Its a bit of a pain in the arse editing all the meta data for the folders which hold the images. Especially so for my Gap Year for when there is a new folder for each day. However, my travel photos should be a lot easier to navigate in the future. Should just be a case of selecting the trip, the country and then the gallery and you can view all the photos for that album. However at somepoint I’m going to have to resize all my landscape photos to 540×405 so that they fit in the template – a right pain in the arse! Especually since its just the landscape ones which are the problem. I could get the gallery script to do it for me, but then it generates a whole new set of photos like it does for the thumbnails and that will just eat up all my webspace. Oh joy.

So currently music and travel are up and running [sort of]. And I’ve put in under construction pages for the other links. If anything to reduce the bumber of 404s I get on my website stats [ahuhuhuh geek laugh].

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