Strippers On The Radio!

Yes thats right, before you accuse me of shouting SEX and then talking of something completely different, we do actually have the lady in charge of teaching the lap dancers at Play @ Ohm – Manchester’s Student Only strip club coming into the show to have a chat and answer your questions. So if you want to raise a point or two, or if you’d like to shatter any stereotypes then make sure you tune, email and text in!

Of course as well as that we’ll be having music from The View, Little Man Tate, ELP, Human League, Thievery Corporation, The Longcut, Public Enterprise, The Whisky Cats, and all that excellent stuff from the playlist.

Features this week…

# Dan’s Intros Music Quiz – get interactive, play yourself and email/text in what you got to the show…
# Classic tracks to celebrate John Peel Day
# Pete Jackson’s Band of the Week
# Andrew’s celebrity voicemail
# And news of the Student Radio Award Nominations

So how do I listen I hear you cry? Well if you’re in Manchester tune in to 87.9 FM or if your elsewhere mosey on down to and use the broadband live stream from the right hand side of the page.

If you need more help listening online check out this link, and of course if you still havent downloaded last weeks show then get yourself onto the Andrew Jackson Show podcast pretty sharpish. Check out this page for more details.

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