Sofia, Bulgaria

Hi there,

Just a quick post to say that we’ve arrived in Sofia and that I’m pleasantly surprised. The journey down was relatively uneventful although me and claudio were cutting it fine getting the coach from Veliko Tarnovo, since we got to the ticket office just a few minutes before the coach left and we just about got the last two spaces on the vehicle. That morning we’d been on a hike to a monastery which was nice.

Sofia seems to be quite a modern city and a fun place to be, its a shame we’re only here one night. We’re staying at hostel mostel who give us an all you can eat breaky, free pasta and a beer everyday and goodness knows what else. Luckily we’ve found details fo a bus that will take us all the way into Macedonia to Ohrid. Its an over night affair starting at 7pm tomorrow night, taking 11 hrs and getting in at 5am local time in Ohrid. Fun fun.

For those of you breaking into a sweat over the lack of a map from our dan, he’s got exams so don’t worry I’m sure it’ll be up soon.

Bye bye for now


One thought on “Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Evening, sounds like a lot to pack in. Just to let you know I have recieved your postcard! I was expected some intelligent observations on eastern european culture or architecture, unfortunately it appears University has made you shallow!

    Glad to see some people can concentrate on exams! I would see making a map as a perfect excuse to not do any work whilst convincing myself that I am undertaking something productive, thats why I’m not very good.

    Look forward to the next chapter,


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