So that was summer…

Well I think we’re all agreed that Summer 2007 has been pretty crap. No denying it really but what with the combination of rain, flooding, lack of sun and the massive downer that is graduating [for me at least] it hasn’t been fun.

However there have been a couple of notable exceptions. In July I worked at a festival bar down in Ealing, a job I got through my course mate Kate. It wasn’t quite my mother’s dream job for her son graduating from Manchester with a PPE degree but I did make some money, have a laugh and meet some cool people. ‘Nuff said. On top of that I managed to squeeze in a trip to Brighton to see Vanessa, Claudio and Klara, an adventure being stranded in Swindon, and a night out in Soho.


And of course last weekend saw Petestock. Gone this year was the the couple of gazeebos and the separates system that normally accompanies the annual dreFest shenanigans, and in its place there was a proper tent, stage, bands, ale, hog roast and, by some fluke, good weather.


Big thanks to Consoles and Players, The Roulette and Adam Slack for playing. Also, many thanks to Jam, Tim and Stu for helping me out with all of the preparations and the night itself. And, of course a big thank you to Pete for hosting the event.

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