Nialler9’s Electric Picnic Mixtape

In a desperate attempt to try and remain in touch with what’s going on in the world of music I subscribe to the Nialler9 podcast. Nialler9 is a top Irish blogger I came across in my Anablogue days and his monthly podcast keep me abreast of what’s happening and entertain me on a Friday’s commute.

Most recently I’ve been enjoying Nialler9’s Electric Picnic Mixtape which you can listen to and download on his blog. So pleased was I with the collection of tunes that I tried to recreate an unmixed version of the tracklisting on Spotify. My Spotify playlist has most of the tracks and most impressively (for Spotify) a lot of the obscure remixes.

My particular highlights from the mixtape are Four Tet feat. Princess Watermelon – Go Go Ninja Dinosaur!, Lykke LiDance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema remix), and a very fat Hervé remix of The Temper Trap’s The Science of Fear.

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