My favourite band, not yours!

Its the same old “I really love this band” story until they get popular and then everyone has heard of them – even the too-much-fake-tan type girls you’d expect to see posing in Loaf and Romp. Well its happening to those cute scouse lads The Wombats.

I had to deny it at first when guesting on Sarah Vale’s review show as I staunchly defended their latest single “Lets Dance to Joy Division” and the fact that they were on the NME tour with Radio 1 favourites The Enemy.

However, they took me to the edge when I found that someone [probably some producer, hopefully not the boys] decided to put Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall-esque kids choir vocals in towards the end of Lets Dance. And now the single has an advert on myspace.

I fear the next Wombats gig will not be a jolly festive occasion but instead a fight to the front elbowing my way through pre-pubescent boys, and girls who look personally insulted if you jump up and down and jostle their hand bag.

You will always hold a special place is my musical heart lads, and I’m sorry such a clichĂ©d resentment has started to unfold.

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