Manchester la la la!

A quick trip up to Manchester for the Fuse FM launch party, some PPE curry, a meal with Dan, Lizzie and Claudio, and a trip to the opening night of The Warehouse Project managed to finish a seventeen night sprint of being away and with only one night in my own bed. Andy ‘squater’ Jackson indeed.

Who even uses CDs these days…

The Fuse FM Launch party for broadcast 15 was an excellent occasion and a well organised event that brought well needed pennies to the Fuse coffers. The fancy dress theme was pop idols, I came as me, not because of any huge radio ego of mine, but because I’d only had a 2 minute turn around at home after work. Needless to say I wasn’t easily forgiven.

Several Fuse DJs were on the decks, including one tall gentleman who was playing some old school 45s. Big respect. Not quite so much respect for the penultimate chappy though – let DJing from iPods be a lesson to you all.

|New Fuse FM Website|

Much much better in the new venue underneath Piccadilly train station

The Warehouse Project is back, and its better than ever. The new venue is excellent. Put away all your fears about bad sound and replace them with mild concern that the bass is so loud the mortar falls from the ceiling.

Set underneath Piccadilly train station, you don’t actually go underground despite previous ‘beneath the streets’ slogans. Nevertheless the location is suitably industrial and fits my pre-uni conception of Manchester club nights as set in big open warehouses with lots of people and sound – just like that scene from 51st State.

Layo and Bushwacka! were a little flat for my liking and there were definite flagging dangers, but a red bull later and a change of DJ to Armen Van Helden and we were away. Quite an a eclectic set – a lot to jump up and down to, he even played the SebestiAn remix of Rage Against The Machine‘s Killing In The Name Of. Nevertheless, having dipped his stylus like toe into the Kitsune pool of French electro it did leave poor old Detroit favourite Felix Da Housecat as a bit of an anti-climax. But to be fair, its not really his fault, what with the current dance music tide being neither east coast or west coast but very much continental, to play a similar set as the one he did in Sankeys 15 months ago would have left him looking very dated indeed.

|Claudio Post-taxi Reaction Video|
|Spangly New Camera Video| [Warning contains high levels of G.3.3.K.]

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