The Long Blondes, The Longcut, Brakes and Uncle Bob @ The Warehouse Project

Last night I embarked on my final freebie of the week to The Warehouse Project to see The Long Blondes, The Longcut, Brakes and Uncle Bob [seen in revere order]. Unkle Bob were a bit out of place for the event, and they came out onto a very cold stage to a very small crowd. I think someone at the marketing dept for the warehouse project needs to have a rethink about putting unheard of bands on a Thursday night, at an unconventional location during reading week. I think they must have panicked and got XFM to give a shed load of tickets away. It was only Cat, Vanessa, Sam and I in attendance but we all had an extra three places on our guestlists each.

Brakes livened things up a bit with their short snappy shouty numbers; they’re an interesting accompaniment to The Killers latest tour. The Longcut were so much better last night than when I saw them with a dozen other people on the XFM stage at In The City. Their sound suits a larger venue and it also helped that they had a few fans along. You can see them performing their track Late Night Bus over at the videos section.

However, by the time The Longcut had finished it was around quarter past midnight, and I have to shamefully say I was knackered. Cat and I had arrived at 8:45 and had been on our feet since, so we were all a little frustrated to have to wait until 12:45am for The Long Blondes to make an appearance. They were good though, a little static at first but soon the lead singer got a bit of a sexy jive on and things warmed up.

You can see all the photos from the evening here as well as The Longcut video here. They should prove a taster for is to come at the Transgressive Records night on the 17th November where I’ll be seeing The Mystery Jets, The Young Knives, Larrikin Love, Battle, and The Noissettes.

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