Glastonbury 2011


08:37 First queue of the day: the paddington station holding area. So there is cattle at the festival #Glasto Google Map Link

09:30 Beer o’clock! Google Map Link

12:03 On bus to the site. Almost there!!! Google Map Link

12:31 Huge queue at Ped gate A Google Map Link

13:30 Spotted: man with sledge full of beer. Clever. Google Map Link

15:30 @Maxjb in and pitched! Google Map Link


12:34 Pyramid ale from the pub at the bottom of the hill by john peel. Sofas and reggae 45s. Google Map Link

14:07 “Q. Girls, why are you washing your wellies under the tap, they’ll just get mucky again. A. Oh but we want one clean welly day.” #wateraid? Google Map Link

15:30 Sat at the top of the park chilling with some life juice and watching the Green Police chasing the urinators. Why be anywhere else? Google Map Link

15:55 Shazam Logo Mathar by Dave Pike.

16:03 Shazam Logo Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.

19:58 Fun fun fun sun sun sun… Google Map Link

23:06 Don’t know what’s going on. Just woken up. Massively disorientated. Apparently seeing Ms Dynamite. Have flag. Have hat. #glasto Google Map Link

23:15 – 00:00 | Ms. Dynamite | Wow! Song Kick Link

00:08 Surreal moment: singing park life by blur in a dance village crush bottle neck. Google Map Link

00:16 Double espresso. Done. Google Map Link

00:23 Welly washing prick #glasto Google Map Link

00:31 Alan! Dan! Bonno! Google Map Link

01:00 – 03:00 | Bizzy B | Glade Lounge Song Kick Link

01:48 I’d chase that Shy FX bass line anywhere. Bad skool riddim. REWIND!!! Google Map Link

02:30 Live Glasto vlogging. That’s where I’m at. Google Map Link

02:00 – 03:00 | Netsky | Wow! Song Kick Link

02:58 I don’t like cricket. I love it. #netsky #glasto Google Map Link

03:00 – 04:00 | Propoganda DJs | Heds Party 1 Song Kick Link

03:33 Every body needs a bosom for a pillow. #glasto Google Map Link

04:02 Mixing frequencies between east and west silent discos. That’s what you call mash-up!!! Google Map Link


11:45 The apocalypse is coming by 4pm today Google Map Link

12:05 – 13:00 | Metronomy | The Pyramid Stage Song Kick Link

12:35 Hmmm. Not convinced these acoustics are working for metronomy. But the Pyramid is sounding nice and loud this year 🙂 Google Map Link

12:36 Ooo! @HarryGarne Google Map Link

12:54 Doing the flag pole solar panel boogie. Google Map Link

13:30 – 14:30 | Two Door Cinema Club | The Pyramid Stage Song Kick Link

15:09 Eugh. Rain. It’s diluting my pint. Google Map Link

16:10 – 17:05 | The Wombats | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

16:50 – 17:40 | Darwin Deez | John Peel Stage Song Kick Link

17:28 A little bit of Darwin Deez before a kip and a brew. Will hopefully be shorter than yesterday’s 3 hour cider-coma. Google Map Link

19:11 Time for a proper brew. Google Map Link

19:30 – 20:30 | The Coral | John Peel Stage Song Kick Link

19:51 What will become of Simon Diamond? Google Map Link

20:08 @HarryGarne @Maxjb @MissReidy Happy Glasto! Google Map Link

20:22 BBC forecasts 25 degrees for Sunday. SCORCHIO! Of course they also forecast heavy rain at 4pm which (thankfully) didn’t happen. Google Map Link

20:31 @Jambamkin getting lots of praise on the usefulness of the flag. Big up to your 15 year old self. Top work mate. Google Map Link

20:37 I just used #Shazam to discover The Freaks by DJ Deeon. Google Map Link

20:45 – 22:00 | Mumford & Sons | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

21:01 The crowd are so up for Mumford and Sons. LOUD! Google Map Link

21:30 Pair of thumbs. With @Maxjb. God I fucking love music. Google Map Link

21:42 With shivers at the wombats and the coral. And almost in tears at Mumford and Sons. I think I’ve found my calling. Save music. Google Map Link

21:30 – 23:00 | Erol Alkan | Oxlyers in West Song Kick Link

22:48 Shazam Logo Pacha On Acid by Afrojack.

22:51 Shazam Logo Gecko by Mr Blink.

22:57 Shazam Logo Lemonade by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan.

23:00 – 00:30 | Annie Mac | Oxlyers in West Song Kick Link

23:17 And we continue…. #essentialmix @erolalkan @anniemac Google Map Link

23:46 Shazam Logo What Can You Do For Me (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Mix) by Doorly Vs. Utah Saints.

23:50 Shazam Logo Awooga by Calvin Harris.

23:56 Shazam Logo Knas by Steve Angello.

01:30 – 03:00 | Erol Alkan | The Beat Hotel Song Kick Link

01:32 Erol!? Google Map Link

01:35 It’s only EROL fucking ALKAN Google Map Link

01:42 I’d recognise that bongo anywhere @erolalkan. #shareef don’t like it!# Google Map Link

01:49 Damn you @erolalkan and your White labels. #Shazam Google Map Link

02:09 Shazam Logo That’s The Kind Of Love I’ve Got For You (12″ Extended Mix) by Dusty Springfield.

02:16 Shazaming battery to death. I blame @erolalkan Google Map Link

02:34 Shazam Logo Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) by Chilly Gonzales.

02:49 @erolalkan Cars! Bomb! Google Map Link

02:52 Shazam Logo Lemonade by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan.


13:05 – 13:50 | Yuck | John Peel Stage Song Kick Link

15:29 Nice to bump into @HarryGarne at Yuck! earlier. I think Cath appreciated the face paint more than he did though 🙂 Google Map Link

16:00 – 16:40 | Patrick Wolf | Oxlyers in West Song Kick Link

16:23 Watching Patrick Wolf- keys, harp and fiddle so far.., #multi-instrumentalism. Google Map Link

16:00 – 16:40 | Patrick Wolf | Oxlyers in West Song Kick Link

17:17 The calm before the captain dread storm: red stripe, camping chair, John Peel stage, war paint. Google Map Link

18:00 – 19:00 | Dreadzone | Oxlyers in West Song Kick Link

19:30 – 20:30 | Friendly Fires | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

22:30 – 23:45 | Chemical Brothers | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

22:56 “Just remember to fall in love. there’s nothing else.” No truer a word spoken Ed and Tom. Google Map Link

00:03 Like a mosaic of tracks, a tapestry of sounds. Possibly topped their 2000 appearance. Well played Tom and Ed. Google Map Link

01:14 New Shangri-la setup = fuckup #unhappyglastotweet 🙁 @GlastoFest Google Map Link

01:17 @GlastoFest “put your flags down”???!! It’s hard enough for my friends to follow me as it is. Shangri-la mess. Google Map Link

01:18 Crowd making light on @GlastoFest Shangri-la balls up with acapella of bohemian rapsody. Google Map Link

01:21 Shangri-la queuing system Hilsborough in all but name. Can you tell I’m pissed off yet? Google Map Link

01:45 – 03:00 | Orbital DJ Set | Arcadia Song Kick Link

03:00 – 04:00 | The Trojans | Rocket Lounge Song Kick Link

04:17 Stumbling back with the old man. Google Map Link


10:47 It is HOT! Hoping the mud solidifies before midday and skip the welly losing stage. Google Map Link

14:17 Will hopefully catch all of The Joy Formidable today. That said, they’re running late :s Google Map Link

14:00 – 14:45 | The Joy Formidable | John Peel Stage Song Kick Link

14:55 Jumping as hard as I can for @joyformidable despite steel toed boots and VERY sticky mud #glasto Google Map Link

16:00 – 17:00 | Bombay Bicycle Club | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

16:30 – 17:15 | Everything Everything | John Peel Stage Song Kick Link

20:10 At what stage did any one think it was a good idea to design an ATM in Comic Sans? Google Map Link

22:00 – 23:15 | Queens of the Stone Age | The Other Stage Song Kick Link

22:03 Oh go on then, 20 minutes of QOTSA… Google Map Link

22:12 Cider. Check. Double Espresso. Check. Doughnut. Check. Skittles . Check. Google Map Link

22:49 Really sad news: only “gold” wrist band holders allowed into Shangri La at 22:45 by railway. Money pays @GlastoFest ? @emilyeavis Google Map Link

23:05 @GlastoFest @emilyeavis Baaaaa Google Map Link

00:00 – 00:45 | Spider | Arcadia Song Kick Link

02:00 – 03:30 | Secret Headliner | Campo Pequeno Song Kick Link

04:29 Still going strong. Google Map Link

04:00 – 04:30 | Molotov Jukebox | Club Dada Song Kick Link

05:13 Time for a nice brew. Google Map Link

05:40 That’s amazing. A Mr Whippy at half five in the morning. Google Map Link


16:02 Queued with a bunch of 18 year old girls at Castle Cary, “were Ant and Dec in Grange Hill?” Google Map Link

16:11 Rammed commuter train, people sat on bags in aisles. Looking forward to getting into London for the evening rush hour. Google Map Link

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