Glastonbury 2010 Preview

So I just realised I’m going to Glastonbury in a weeks time. Its snuck on me like I never thought it could. Before I checked my work diary and seeing those beautiful shaded purple Out Of Office days I though it was a couple of weeks away. To be fair, its been a couple of weeks away for the past month or so. Something to think about but not actually do anything about.

However now Glastonbury excitement has ARRIVED!

Cue me trying to find out who’s going and the creeping sense of panic as I start to worry about getting in and pitched before the England vs Slovenia game on Wednesday at 3pm. This should be a spectacle to behold. I was at Glastonbury when Euro 2004 was on and the showed the England vs Portugal semi-final on the big screens on the Pyramid Stage (see photo below). It was pretty immense – apparently there were more people gathered watching the game at Glastonbury than there were at the stadium itself.

Aside from the footy there’s also a good bunch of people going this year. I’m just not sure who you all are! If you are going to Glastonbury then give me a shout. I’ll probably be doing my best to text a few peeps I’m not camping with this year, but as usual a text in the morning will arrive sometime that night.

Fear not I have a plan! Keep an eye out for the flag – a relic from my teenage years – its ten years old this Glastonbury I think. Its a turquoise with a green anarchy A in the middle. If you see that, then I’m likely under it so come say hello. If I’m not under it then make friends to the man/lady who’s holding it, I’ve probably just gone for a good bounce or to the bar.

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