February 2007 Fuse FM Broadcast

So, Fuse FM is back for one more broadcast and Dan and I are back for our last. This is everyone’s last ever chance to listen to The Andrew Jackson show live on Fuse FM.

In a nut shell this is what you need to know…

# Dan and I have bagged the exclusive Wednesday 4-6 afternoon slot. We hope many of you will be at home to listen, what with having no lectures on Wednesday afternoons. So effectively what we’re saying is bugger the sport and spend some time on your bum listening to us!

# The broadcast starts the week beginning the 12th so our first show will be on the 14th February [Timothy Whitmore day!]

# The show will be broadcasting on 103.5 FM this time, NOT 87.9 FM. If you tune into the old frequency you’re likely to get Gaydio on 87.7 which started their RSL license a couple of weeks ago. You can of course always tune in online at www.fusefm.co.uk.

Dan and I have had a think and a chat and we’ve come to the conclusion things were a little too fast paced last broadcast so we’re going to slow things down a bit, keep the features and giveaways but add a bit more of the randomness that I think won me the award.

Furthermore, its going to be double the fun this broadcast regarding your Harry Garne and Andrew Jackson content. Harry and I will be fleeing to a specialist radio slot in true Colin Murray style to start a new show called Anablogue [website]. So if you’re straining at the bit to listen to Harry or I [more likely the former] you can listen to the eclectic affair that we will be presenting on Monday evenings between 8 and 10.

Finally in a sort of mutation of the traditional blog roll here are the shows I’d be listening out for in the next four weeks:

Wilfully Twisted – Wednesdays 18:00 til 20:00 [after The AJ Show!] presented by the fast becoming legendary Harry Garne [and his mate Mike] [facebook link].

Bantasy Land – Sundays 14:00 til 16:00 presented by studio manager Katie Bilbao and resident tall person Woodsy [facebook link].

Katie: “I can confirm that old favourites The Pundown, The Lady Rant, and Woodsy’s Cleaning Tips will be back, plus guest apperances from the clock of justice (casio) and a few other old favourites plus some more new and exciting features. I will also try not to talk so much. And I promise to play good music, unless I go to the toilet when Woodsy might put on toploader. toilet trips will be kept to minimum.

Ian and Lyds – Saturdays 12:00 til 14:00 presented by head of music [the man that makes the play lists] Ian Cushing.

The Lou Lou Show – Thursdays 18:00 til 20:00 presented by Louise Ayling [facebook link].

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