Derby Meets Manchester

Last night saw the meeting of two worlds… Well it wasn’t that dramatic. I’ve uploaded the photos and videos from yesterday evenings debauchery. Tom, Wolfman, Sarah, Jennie, Serin and I started of at The Metropolitan in West Didsbury before catching a cab to Deansgate Locks where we lounged in Loaf, danced in Arq and mingled with all the beautiful people whilst sipping champagne [gracias senior Breese] in the Sugar Lounge VIP area.

I left, but the others soon followed, to see Fabio, Marcus Intalex and Calibre at Club Academy where I met Claudio and his mates Binno, Harry, Nadia and Sarah. I went pretty mental, was accused of being on pills again – but then that was hardly a surprise given the state of my t-shirt. It was a light grey t-shirt to start with, but after three hours of pretty much non-stop dancing it soon became a dark grey t-shirt; keep an eye out in the photos as my t-shirt gets progressively darker.

To finish it all off Claudio, Binno and I headed for the legendry Khans where Claudio indulged in some filthy ‘horse face meat’ donner, Binno had a garlic bread with cheese and mushrooms, and of course I engaged with an obligatory chip naan. You can catch it all in one of the videos that night.

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