Andresworld Relaunch

Its here. The new version of has now officially gone live. Everything is almost done. All the photo galleries are up, however the Derby photo galleries still need some editing to get them in the right order with the right titles and descriptions, but that is something I can do remotely and at a later date.

You’ll notice that some things have gone. There is no homebrew page, guestbook, forum, me and my friends sections. Many of these have not made a reappearence because they are a little dated to say the least and not really for what is useful for. I have, however, preserved the homebrew page over in the blog section and it will exist always at this location here. Instead of a guestbook you will notice there is the ability to leave comments on both this front page and the main blog section. Anyone can leave comments and I think its more relevantfor people to comment on recent posts which will often occur with new photos than maybe to post on a guestbook randomly. Then again, if the need comes for a guestbook I’m sure I can squeeze one in somewhere.

For the mean time I will leave you to explore the new site. There isnt a great deal here at the moment. I have archived my travel blogs over at the travel section and I will do the same with the old welcome page – after all that has updates dating way back to 2001 – a wealth of information. I spose I’ll need to get the counter back up somewhere as well…

To christen the relaunch the latest gallery is over in the uni section and is of Claudio’s 21st Birthday Weekender. Dont forget also that the latest edition to the Derby galleries is Amelia’s 21st Birthday Bash, and there are videos available from that weekend up on the Andresworld youtube site.

All that is left to say is that DreFest is cracking off on the 29th and 30th of July. Everyone is more than welcome to come. Bring some beer, some food and a tent and you’ll be made. We just have to hope that the weather holds out.

3 thoughts on “Andresworld Relaunch

  1. like the not-quite-poo-brown new site andy pandy!
    but it makes me sad looking at all the old pictures… its hard work from here! final year, jobs… boo!
    anyhoo. good job. maybe tone down the geek-speak.

  2. wow…it’s all very swanky andre good work. i hope you’ll be wearing the andresworld colour scheme next time i see you, i hear it’s the new black…

  3. None of this is new to me – I’ve been stuck looking at it for weeks now! Boriiiing. When’s the next new design going to be ready? 😉

    No really it’s lovely. One thing though – you can change the colour of the bar at the top of the comments page in the Blogger settings – I’m pretty sure they’ve got a nice light brown that would go well.

    Bye! Love you bye! Bye! Bye!

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