Andresworld 3.0 Beta

Well really this post should be entitled andresworld 2.9. Nevertheless if you’re reading this post through facebook then you are participating in what I hope will be the third version of andresworld.

Unfortunately andresworld has been left pretty redundant since the facebook revolution. Suddenly owning a digital camera and having webspace to put photos on doesn’t get you hits. So rather than fight it, I’ve tried to bring the two together.

Andresworld is moving to wordpress. Its a fantastic bit of kit and hosted on my own server which means I can do lots of geeky things with plugins and the like that I couldn’t do with blogger. is the first section of the site that has moved to WordPress, and after I’ve given it a good beta testing I hope to move the rest of the site over too.

Moving over to WP allows me to add photos from my facebook albums to posts and hopefully I can cross post comments from my facebook notes back to my website. So no matter how you visit andresworld the contributions you make to the content can be seen whereever.

So this is the first test. A post written in wordpress on the andresworld travel section; that will hopefully feed into facebook notes; a note that may be commented on; which then may come back to andresworld.

And now thanks to the latest version of fotobook I can include a picture of yours truly in the post too 🙂

A photo imported using Fotobook

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