Claudio’s Birthday

Here are some videos from Claudio’s 21st Birthday weekender. Don’t forget you can see the photos over here at the uni gallery.

Amelia’s 21st Birthday Party

Above is the playlist for Amelia’s birthday. Ths speech from her dad followed by her very own. This is the Permalink to this playlist on youtube and below are the permalinks to the individual videos. Amelia’s 21st Birthday Lash-Bash: Dad’s Speech Part 1Amelia’s 21st Birthday Lash-Bash: Dad’s Speech Part 2Amelia’s 21st Birthday Lash-Bash: Dad’s Speech […]

China Andy Pandy

This is what happens when you stay up in Manchester for the summer. I reacted to a bad combination of smog, pollen and other unfamiliar materials so that when I woke up one morning my eyes were all puffy and I looked like this…

My Little Brother

Well on a twist of Art Brut’s Lyric “My little brother just discovered Rock & RollHe’s only 22 and he’s out of control”, my little brother just discovered drum and bass, he’s only 4ish and he can’t half dance.

Michael Howard On Newsnight

I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this evening on my walk back from uni, as you do, and the show PM was talking about the controversy raised in Parliament recently about David Cameron questioning the Prime Minister during PMQ about his successor [watch PMQ here, its about 9mins 30 secs in]. That was all […]