Spotify coming to the iPhone soon?

Today the BBC announced that Spotify had submitted an app to the iTunes App Store. WIRED have been testing it already. This is something that we’ve already seen as a demo on Android phones, but getting the app past Apple could be interested as Spotify has already been dubbed the iTunes killer. Unlimited access to […]

Facebook vs Andresworld

I’ve just come across the Massive Photo Uploader facebook app and wheels have started to turn about greater facebook/andresworld integration. And then there’s the plugins you can get for wordpress…

Recycling your old PC and running Edubuntu

Here is a quick photo run down of how to take bits of old PCs and turn them into one working PC. We decided not to pirate windows but instead install an education version of Ubuntu called Edubuntu. Step 1 Compile all the parts of your old PCs. From left to right we managed to […]