Boris Bike Cycle Station Infographics

Thanks to @londoncyclist for tweeting a link to this very nice dynamic visualisation of Barclay’s Cycle Hire station capacity by UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). Here are a few screen shots I took of the vis from last night and this morning. The Commuter Rush In the image below you can see the […]

Velib versus Boris Bike

The Evening Standard (below) claims the Boris bike compares favourably with Paris’s Velib. Yet there’s more Velib’s, more docking stations, covering a larger area, charging less for annual subscription, costing the taxpayer less, weighing less and closing roads along the city’s river every week rather than once a year. Go figure.

M7 bolt for Bontrager seatpost clamp

I’ve googled this post’s title quite a lot since I snapped off my saddle last week on the way home from work. It turns out that Bontrager like to use very odd sizes of bolts that you local bike shop is unlikely to stock. In fact most people I spoke to were of the opinion […]

Balham to Greenwich and back again via Bromley

Enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon with a picnic in Greenwich Park… …not quite so much enjoying the 15.5 mile 1 hour 15 minute return journey back home via Bromley. As you can see, missing the turning for the South Circular had disastrous consequences.