Will my Three SIM work in a 2G mobile phone?



As explained in my previous post, I’m preparing for Glastonbury festival in a months time and have a few difficulties in using a my old 2G phone rather than my power hungry smartphone. The first was getting around the SIM size, however a Visionaer Micro Sim Adapter did a good job at rectifying that.

I had also heard rumours that my Three SIM wouldn’t work in a 2G phone – Three are a 3G-only operator and don’t hold a license to operate a 2G network unlike T-Mobile, Orange, O2 or Vodafone. Some of forums say that your phone will roam onto an alternative network (Orange in the past but now EE), and after a short period the SIM would stop working on the phone entirely.

No such luck in my case. The SIM adaptor worked fine for my Giff Gaff SIM, but when it came to the Three SIM it just wasn’t recognised. Other forums suggested the use of a 3G phone was part of Three’s T&Cs, after all, it costs Three money to roam onto EE’s network, so perhaps they only allow roaming where they know they don’t have coverage.

My 2G phone doesn’t recognise the Three SIM…
…but does recognise a Giff Gaff SIM.

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