2 thoughts on “First BBQ of the year

  1. It’s possibly only me this effects but your rss is defective. all the audioboo posts get resent every update. other than that nice glowing coals you got there

  2. Jam, thanks for the heads up, although I think its all sorted now. I’m using a plugin called feedwordpress to syndicate my audioboos. They changed the feed URL (took away www) and it broke the syndication, except when I fixed it with the new URL feedwordpress repeated all my posts.

    I kept deleting them and feedwordpress kept replacing them. Of course it was only after about 3 lots of replacing that I realised it was replacing the ones the new feed had created and I had deleted. All I had to do was delete the ones created by the old feed and keep the news ones and everything was fixed.

    I hope.

    RSS feed looks okay now though, just one occurrence of the boos each.

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