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Many a festival goer faces the age old problem of what to drink. The t-totalers only have to worry about the townies washing their hair in the drinking water taps. The rich [employed] only have to worry about the length of the beer tent queue. But for the hard-up student/recent graduate how one is to reach a suitable level of inebriation in a field is not such an easy question to answer. Lets look at your options.

Beer: There’s nothing quite like lying down in the countryside grass, the sun beating down and the distant fuzz of a band you can’t quite be arsed to get up and see, with an ice cold can of lager in your hand. Slight issue here is that if you’ve just spend the last three days in a tent the likelihood your beer is going to be ‘early morning can’t stand the heat’ warm. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand its warm beer.

Cider: All the problems of the above with none of the benefits. Although if you shut your eyes and imagine hard you can just make it out to be fizzy apple juice.

Wine: For the slightly more sophisticated festival goer/those looking maximise alcohol to pounds spent ration, there is of course the ‘plonk’ option. Keeping it cold is still a problem if you’re a white wine drinker, but for the red wine drinkers amongst us its a fair possibility. Only downsides are the heavy glass container – unless you go for the travelers’ ‘wine in a box’ option, and the fact that too much drunk in too short a time can lead to disastrous consequences.

Alco-pops: Fancy a trip down memory lane? Swigging on these bad boys will remind you of being 14 and in the park again. Originally a classier upgrade from swigging cider, it was also an easier transition from the likes of cherry coke and lemonade. Not too bad warm, I once took a crate of blue WKD to a festival. However, since those heady days 8 years ago the price of ‘the pops’ has risen dramatically, and their teeth destroying after effects are what keeps dentists laughing all the way to the bank.

Straight Spirits: Why would you even consider it?

So whats the solution? Andy Pandy Life Juice.

Claudio Martinoli officially endorses Andy Pandy Life Juice

Life Juice has sufficient alcohol content in one litre to leave the drinker feeling all fuzzy around the edges by the end of his festival evening, as Claudio Martinoli explains:

Aside from the ‘off the edge’ benefits of Life Juice, its ease of creation – just cheapo own brand vodka and supermarket own brand squash [I recommend orange or blackcurrant], mean that anyone can enjoy a drink at a festival. Just like drinking normal squash it doesn’t taste bad when not ice cold and can be easily smuggled past security and passed off as ‘essential rehydration equipment’. So why not try Andy Pandy Life Juice now! One litre of vodka and one litre of squash is enough to make you five litres of life juice, which could last you up to five days [if you’re a lightweight like me]. If you’re already a fan of Life Juice then why not send in your photos to here like the readers below have done. Enjoy!

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