Well its now more than a week since we left for ‘The Dam’, and if I remember correctly it was a darn sight sunnier in Holland than it is here in miserable wet Manchester, but hey, Manchester has hills and you can’t have it all.

I won’t blab on too great a deal as I imagine the majority of you are sick to death of my ramblings about… well, sick. You can find the photos from the trip here and the main video from the journey here. Unfortunately there aren’t a great deal of photos from the trip what with me spending most of my battery on documenting the carnage on the way down [and subsequent amensia regarding parts of my camera charger]. Nevertheless there is a whole twenty two and a half minutes of Coach A splendour as a video.

What did we do? Managed to be surprisingly cultured to be honest. We hired bikes, went on a boat trip, went to the Anne Frank museum, went to the Heineken Experience [video link], saw the Red Light district, visited the Sex Museum, drank a reasonable quantity of the local brew, sat in late night bakeries, and indulged in a bit of Dansen bij Jansen. Not bad for two days work.

Big thanks to all the BA Econ people that made it happen: Claudio, Will, Joel, Dan and the rest of you. And thank you to Kate, Sam, Penelope and Emily for putting up with me and my collection of wires in their room for the weekend.

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