The 4 Week Blog Challenge

Well I’ve decided to join in on the four week blog challenge; a challenge set by my housemate Dan to his girlfriend Lizzie when she found out that somebody from the Guardian wouldn’t accept anyone into his/her department who hadn’t got a blog. The challenge itself? rather self explanatory really: write one hundred words each day over the period of four weeks.

Now I know I have a blog already but it’s not really a blog as such in the conventional sense. It’s more of a ‘sharing things which I think are funny/important/stupid’ kind of blog – and given that funny/stupid/important things tend not to arise on a daily basis consistently over the period of four weeks I thought I’d better alter the format somewhat.

So what to blog? Thats the big question. My problem is that I tend to waffle on about something entirely random, uninteresting, or weird. At least Dan in his latest post told quite an amusing story. It tends to be a stream of conciousnous which goes on and on and on and… but never really tends to get anywhere. At times it can be amusing – for example on the radio; many a fine link has been filled with my comments on crumpets, grey hairs and cheese. However when it’s just a constant monologue directed at no one in particular its rather boring. See, look, you’ve already contemplated checking facebook and I haven’t even finished yet.

Two hundred and forty one words. Sorted. Actually that doesn’t include those of these so its two hundred and fifty seven, except now its two hundred and sixty four, but… oh sod it.

2 thoughts on “The 4 Week Blog Challenge

  1. Well done – a blog post about blogging! Always a good escape route.

    Despite my vegetarian tendencies, tomorrow I’m looking forward to something with a bit more meat. 😉

  2. Oh and nice use of the OLED-keyed Optimus keyboard – that would be the sexiest peripheral ever… if they released it. 🙂

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