Toshiba Timesculpture Advert

I had a “I must find out what that music is” moment a month or so ago when I first saw the Toshiba Timescultpure advert. I thought it was pretty good for something just advertising a TV.

Of course this was one month BiP – that’s Before iPhone, and I had yet to fully embrace the world that is having the power of Shazam at your finger tips. For free. So it was a cool advert with cool music that remained unblogged.

Fast-forward one month to now. The Guardian published an article on the Video Viral Chart and the most recent top twenty which featured a mix of home made and professional videos. And it was flicking through the adverts and commercials sub-section that I found the Toshiba ad at number 4.

And here it is:

So what is the tune? A google will bring up numerous blogs that like it too, but an eight second recording later and Shazam!, the track is “Air War” by Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles – Air War

And for the record this is my first post with the somewhat grey but good WP 2.7

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