The Poles Are Coming!

Well in case you missed The Poles Are Coming! last night on BBC2, a programme from the BBC’s White season, I have managed to condense an hour programme into three key clips. First up from Lithuania, Tomas Jankovicius lets us know how hard he works, and what he gets for it. Second, from Poland, Mariusz […]

Great advert. Shit paper.

I’ve been told that this advert has been on the tele for ages! Just shows you how much I watch ITV really… Anyway, after a little aside on the Spooks trailer I thought I’d highlight this as well. A nice bit of stereotyping [what more would you expect from the Mail] combined with a Gladiator-esque […]

Spooks: Series 6

Arrrrrrrrrghhh! Yes that’s right, this Tuesday at 9pm will see the return of BBC MI5 drama Spooks. I am very excited. The last series was absolutely fantastic, every episode and every subject matter was so spot on with today’s current political climate. It was almost as if the episode had been recorded the previous week […]


This looks good. Skins is a new drama coming to E4 on January 25th. Despite the trailer doing a who’s who of clich├ęs, I reckon you could probably apply 50% of them to your own mates. Spot the actor who was last seen with an equally mop top hair cut wearing too much wool and […]