I can’t quite believe this.I am truly gob smacked.This surely can not be real. Highlighted to me by Vicky Spain who spotted it in a Guardian article, here are some examples of the contrast between the “liberal anti-American” wikipedia and the “pro-Christian pro-American” conservapedia. DinosaursWikipedia“Vertebrate animals that dominated terrestrial ecosystems for over 160m years, first […]

Whisky Cats @ Academy 2

Two gigs were on in the Union building on Friday night; in Academy 3 was Academy Unsigned, a night the hosts of Academy 2 had played only this time two years ago. In that time [and a little more] the Whisky Cats have performed at more than 200 gigs and have released three CDs on […]

Lettuce: Dont do it

The art of the toastie. Something I’ve been working on recently, so if you want my top tips then read on. 1. Don’t put lettuce in it. Today I thought, “oooh I’ll have a ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich… hell no, why not make it a toastie!”. Stop. Lettuce is probably 99% water, like […]


Well I was on the bus on my way into town to see Tokyo Police Club at the Night and Day – a single decker stagecoach number 42 no less. We were just coming into the beginning of Fallowfield when at the bus stop a chap who was waiting outside of the bus for his […]

No more skinny jeans?

Last night I had a rather impromptu engagement with The Maccabees. No not the Jewish Rebels but rather that five-piece from south London. It was the usual story, a friend trying to get rid of a spare ticket and rather than tout it offers it up to a list of appropriately ‘trendy’ peers. Why the […]

The 4 Week Blog Challenge

Well I’ve decided to join in on the four week blog challenge; a challenge set by my housemate Dan to his girlfriend Lizzie when she found out that somebody from the Guardian wouldn’t accept anyone into his/her department who hadn’t got a blog. The challenge itself? rather self explanatory really: write one hundred words each […]