Glastonbury 2009

Wednesday June 24th

10:08 AM is waiting at the holding area on platform 8. Nice to see things are well organised. Sceptical about the proliferation of pop up tents.

10:14 AM thinks people with suitcases on wheels should not be allowed into glasto for their own good.

11:19 AM is on it. Train and beer.

Kyle on it

2:00 PM wants to shoot the girl in the barber jacket complaining about the queueing. Shut up and wait you posh tart!

2:44 PM is at the station queueing.

4:40 PM is still queueing at the station.

Queueing at the station

5:52 PM is finally on a bus after a total wait of 4 and a half hours.

10:57 PM listening to the Answering Machine waiting for curry to defrost.

Base Camp

Thursday June 25th

1:13 PM 5k for hospitality in what used to be the cinema field. Tear down the walls!

3:01 PM The flag is back!

6:44 PM is listening to zane lowe DJ with lorna y.

Dancing with Lorna

7:56 PM Dancing on my own to the justice album on the other stage.

7:56 PM is dancing in the rain.

9:58 PM is flaging it up to beardy man.

11:33 PM Michael jackson is dead. Or so goes the glasto rumour.

3:14 AM is finally at home in tent 3.15am

Friday June 26th

12:02 PM is watching The Whip

1:23 PM is watching jarvis cocker, sorry i mean the rakes.

3:56 PM just got sweaty with the maccabees. Now having a little sit down to 3 Daft Monkeys

5:06 PM Bass line! Dreadzone and MC Spee.


7:57 PM is going to see something Special.

The Specials

11:19 PM I has had three main meals this evening.

4:25 AM can see dawn coming.

4:47 AM is walking home in the daylight. Haven’t done that in ages!

Saturday June 27th

1:57 PM has just seen a man put 100 pegs on his face

Peg Man

3:14 PM just tugged of war. Fingers. Ow.

7:54 PM will do graffiti if you ring to him in french.

Maximo park

10:00 PM listening to wine chiller by Pendulum. From a distance.

10:37 PM No assassinations please.

11:00 PM Oh girls you’ll never know how you make a boy feel.

12:19 AM Who the fucking hell is bruce springsteen? That was franz ferdinand.

2:03 AM is enjoying the strumpets with crumpets


Sunday June 28th

11:04 AM First band of the day. Good Books. 11am

4:08 PM waiting for the welsh wonder.

6:14 PM is one step beyond.

6:30 PM Madness are slightly tamer on the political message than the specials. And the jokes are awful.

6:34 PM just witnessed a man crowd surfing on an inflatable sofa.

6:56 PM Not quite the same since you sold out to iceland suggs.

7:54 PM One tenth of shot to be precise.

8:12 PM Bombay Bicycle Club. Sounds like a curry house in clapham i’m sure…

9:32 PM is watching Seth Lakeman.

10:44 PM Dubstep breathe. Ouch.

The Prodigy

10:45 PM Omen. The irony is i only know this through tap tap revenge.

Monday June 29th

9:00 AM is still horribly horribly drunk.

10:32 AM is on his fifth bacon sandwich.


1:57 PM realised that i’m going to arrive in london just in time for rush hour.

2:58 PM Seated. Air conditioning. Beautiful countryside whizzing by. I don’t think the bakerloo line will be so pleasant.

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