Challenge Andy

Want to have your photograph taken on top of a mountain but…

  • don’t want to climb the 4000 metres to get there?
  • don’t fancy getting up at 2:30am in the morning for a decent view?
  • not a big fan of leeches, mosquitoes and tropical diseases?

Fear not! Challenge Andy is here to help!

For all donations of £20 or more to Challenge Andy we’ll fly to Borneo, climb the mountain, take the photo and deliver to your door your very own Mount Kinabalu souvenir! Its simply an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

Just make your £20+ donation on the Challenge Andy donation page and then email me a high resolution photo of your face/partner/pet to

We’ll use the latest advances in PVA-corrugated-cardboard technology to craft your unique Avatar which will be transported to the top of Mount Kinabalu for that perfect photo opportunity – but without the 6 week prescription of anti-malarials!

Sample Avatar

So whats this all about then…

This March I shall be travelling to Borneo to climb the summit of Mount Kinabalu, the highest point in Malaysia (4095m/13435ft). I am doing this to raise funds for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust – a charity founded to increase awareness of the symptoms and dangers of depression.

I am participating as part of Challenge Borneo, a grass roots event founded and organised by my friend Lukas. Because we’ve cut out the middle man and organised the trip independently, every penny you donate will go to support the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

The team will endure the humidity, mosquitoes, and leeches of the Borneo jungle, and the bare faced rock, freezing temperatures, and thin altitude air of Mount Kinabalu, before hiking and cycling our way back to the coast.

The trek will be physically strenuous and at times a real test of our will power (especially at 2:30AM for out climb to the summit), but a challenge worth while to make a real difference to the lives of young people suffering from depression.

I hope you will support me in raising money for this very worthy cause.


You can find out more about the charity, Challenge Borneo, the expedition, and the rest of the team by visiting the and

All photos need to be submitted to me by Friday 19th March at the latest, or else I won’t have time to make the blumin’ things 🙂 Minimum spec of photo is a 1280×1024 shot just of your head, preferably against a light background.

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