Tache + 7

So its been a week of mo growing, and a close up of the upper lip reveals my facial hair’s tendency to go multi-coloured. Rate and donate my mo!

The Benchmark – revisited

Previous shots of this year’s benchmark show a fine haired neat mo on the face of a cheeky faced Leicester Poly student. Half way through Movember my efforts have proved somewhat more coarse. So perhaps this shot of my dad with a slightly fuller upper lip of hair is a closer representation of what my mo […]

Tache + 5

Freshly shaven mo. (Well, obviously not the mo but the face around it). You can support my mo here!

Tache + 4

Almost at the end of a week of mo growing and things are shaping up. If only my stubble didn’t grow as fast as my mo.

Mo’s Emporium 2009

A different venue, a different Mo, and a different mo. Apparently its a ‘Brit’, all I know is its my best attempt at my dad circa 1977.