Budapest, Hungary

Dear all

Yesterday was Vienna. It rained. We ate our lunch on the floor in the subway station like hobos. My German was awful. The cathedral was nice. We had no money.

There we go thats Austria sorted….

Erm got back to Bratislava around 7:30 grabbed our stuff bought some roll mats from Tescos and then went to the train station. Caught the 21:21 to Budapest and got in around 00:30. Realised none the buses ran this late so had to catch a taxi to our hostel. At the hostel there was no room for us in dorms so out came the tent, unfortunately there was no room for that either so we had to dismantle a hammock. In the end got to bed after putting up the tent in the dark around 01:30. Great fun. Froze my ass off last night as I realised that my sleeping back is sightly too lightweight but nice warm shower and a shave made up for it this morning. Nevertheless am slightly achhy and bruised all over, I don’t recommend tesco for camping gear.

Sunday today, just going to chill and take it easy. Two more nights at this crazy wacky hippy hostel [albeit quite far out of the action] and then on to Pecs in the south for a night, Szeged for another night and then Romania after that. Its all none stop crazyness.

In a bit

Mr. Jackson

3 thoughts on “Budapest, Hungary

  1. Hey Andy! Hey Claudio!

    Well done for getting this comments thing sorted, how on earth are you posting all this stuff anyway? Through your mobile or are you internet cafe hunting every night?

    I’ve finally finished catching up with all the entries so far, and sorry for not posting a comment sooner! I’m really, really enjoying reading your blog so whatever you do don’t give up because you think no-one’s reading! I need to add your feedburner thing I made you sort out too…

    So far my favourite of the many funnies was Claudio’s Goulash!

    Anyway! I’m using the power of Multimap to trace your route across the lands, kinda like that thing I heard you were doing before Glasto, but much more interesting since it involves fewer dull motorways I presume.

    Well goodbye for now and I hear Claudio’s been sending emails so I should probably have a look to see if I’ve got any of them. Speak to you soon matees!

    Lots of lovey dovey kisses,

    dan xxxxxxxxxxx

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