dear all

well having just walked several kilometres to get to the police station and have no progress whatsoever i thought i might cool my sweaty body off at this net cafe. Well Moorea is a beautiful island ill give you that, like i say the only problem with it is that it is very over priced. i was diusapointed going thru immigration becos i didnt get a stamp – im actually in France you see. Im struggling with the language and the people arent especialy friendly, i got a lift of some ex pats but the people who im staying with just seem to be grumpy and as one person put it “treat those stayoing in the dorms as second rate tourists”. Currently my diet consists of bread and jam – i wud have super noddles but there are no cooking facilities

however the trip i went on yesterday was amazing. started off by going to this shark feeding site where we all held onto a rope as the thru food infront of us for the sharks. i tired out my patented ca,era in a ziplock bag technique for taking photos but it wasnt brilliantly successful. in the end i jusyt used mu underwater camera. After that we went to a shallow part of the lagoon where we cud stand in the water, and we got to hand feed some rays, u cud pet them like dogs it was really amazing. After much frollicking we went to a motu – smalll island thing – where we had a BBQ and some drinks, did a bit of snorkelling and then went home

my flight tommorow is at 5.50 am or somat so im gonna catch the ferry back to papeete this evening and kip at the airport, after that itll be fun fun fun in the cooks, id like to go to aititaki or so,at amazing diving – if i can actually dive without my carde……


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