Dan’s 22nd Birthday

Last night saw a troop of geeks and nerds which ascended all swottish proportions. Happy Birthday Dan and thanks to everyone that turned up and made such an effort to be a geek or nerd. The photos are available here and the videos I took on the dance floor of 42s here. Also of note, […]

DJing on the Twisted Folk Stage @ Pangaea

This Saturday 27th I’ll be laying down a few beats in between the sets of the bands playing on the Twisted Folk stage [facebook link] at Manchester Uni’s exclusive Pangaea event. Simon Borkin [past Andrew Jackson Show guest] who is organising the stage says it best: As part of the Pangaea post exam-extravaganza, the Twisted […]


This looks good. Skins is a new drama coming to E4 on January 25th. Despite the trailer doing a who’s who of clich├ęs, I reckon you could probably apply 50% of them to your own mates. Spot the actor who was last seen with an equally mop top hair cut wearing too much wool and […]


Who is the person holding the video camera in the background? If you are this person or know them PLEASE GET IN CONTACT. Email me and hopefully we can arrange a way of getting what I am sure is legendary footage of a one off never to be matched again evening. Don’t know what I’m […]

Chestnut Court Rave 2005

Click to Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Click To Play Watch out for the guy who gives me the finger Click To Play Come on Eileen! Click To Play Oh dear. I think a nights raving had taken […]