The Yasawas


Well today is my last day in Fiji and I think i might be able to get some photos to you. Fiji has been ok, i’ve only spend about 4 days in the yasawas and a day either side in Nadi. I should be flying out today to auckland but i think my flight has been changed so I’ll have to go to the airport later on today.

Anyhow, in the yasawas i spent 1 night on Kuata and two nights on Naviti and did the total some of bugger all. I just read, finished off life of Pi, slept and ate. i am now feeling the consequences of 3 meals a day and doing nothing.



Anyhow that was Fiji, not a lot of it but Fiji nonetheless. Going back in time here are a few shots from Rarotonga, a place i really enjoyed.

Sunset Raroptonga

Pink Sky

Thats all i have time for right now folks, i’ll get some more to you later on when I’m in Auckland.


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